13Feb 2015

New Jersey managing partner Andy Siegeltuch recently obtained a defense verdict in U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey on behalf of a security officer for the Camden County Board of Social Services in a federal civil rights case. The officer had been accused of choking unconscious, kicking and dragging the plaintiff, a customer of the Board, following a verbal encounter between the two. The plaintiff asserted the officer used execessive force during the encounter, in violation of his 4th Amendment rights, a claim the jury rejected.


30Dec 2014

In a case where a sexual harassment plaintiff who was allegedly raped by her immediate supervisor accepted an offer of judgment approximately one-tenth of her settlement demand, plaintiff’s counsel filed a fee petition seeking more than $1.2 in attorneys’ fees. Firm partner, Robyn McGrath, successfully argued to the court that the plaintiff’s attorneys’ engaged in double billing, billing for unnecessary work, and overcharging for almost every task.

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26Dec 2014

The New Jersey Appellate Division affirmed a summary judgment order obtained by Partner, Robyn McGrath, and Senior Associate, Denise Montgomery, in a case where a fifteen year old special education student was shot on the grounds of his school. The trial court granted summary judgment to the defendant school on the grounds of charitable immunity. On appeal, plaintiff argued that the trial court had erred in holding that the conduct of the defendant school and its employees did not constitute gross negligence as a matter of law and that the question should be decided by a jury.

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05Dec 2014

Partner, Robyn McGrath, obtained summary judgment in an action by a ranking police officer seeking an order of mandamus directing a Pennsylvania municipality to restore him to a higher rank. The officer had been Chief of Police but was demoted when a new mayor was elected. The officer argued that, under the Pennsylvania statutory scheme, he was entitled to a rank no lower than that of Deputy Chief of Police.

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