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Workers’ Compensation

SWEENEY & SHEEHAN has provided representation to insured and self-insured employers in matters involving the Pennsylvania and New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Acts for more than forty years. Our attorneys handle cases at every level of adjudication and appeal.

We keep our clients informed on significant developments in the law through open communication, newsletters and customized lectures tailored to the client’s business. In addition, we partner with our clients in order to better understand their business operations and identify inherent risk factors. One way that we do this is to perform on-site inspections, not only to defend current work injury claims, but to make practical recommendations for minimizing potential risks in the workplace.

In addition to Workers’ Compensation, many of our attorneys have a background in employment law, including areas that often overlap with work injury claims, such as the ADA and FMLA. This is key in providing a holistic overview and defense of the various aspects of a work injury claim. Should consideration for a third-party claim be involved, our personal injury and product liability departments are ready to offer counsel. As with our other practice groups, the attorneys in our Workers’ Compensation department strive to maximize efficiency while reducing the costs of work injury claims.